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DrugTestPortal.com is a dedicated portal to supply the community with convenient, reliable and quality products for rapid drug testing. We are a trusted resource for your drug testing needs as we provide the best technology that drug toxicology has to offer in a portable and rapid delivery mechanism. Our clients are organizations in business, criminal justice and in education.

The RapidTox®, RapidTox II®, Rapid Drug Screen®InCup® and OralStat® are the four most powerful and effective drug screening testing kits on the market today.

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Rapid TOX
Rapid TOX® is a cost effective cassette test that detects two to ten drugs of abuse in urine either by pipetting or dipping.
Rapid Drug Screen Test in a Cup
RapidTox II® is a cost effective testing method which is affordable and detects up to twelve drugs of abuse.
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Rapid Drug Screen Test in a Cup
Rapid Drug Screen®InCup® is an integrated collection and testing
device for detection of up to twelve drugs of abuse
Oral Stat,Oral Drug Test,Saliva Test
OralStat® is a revolutionary point of collection test for drugs of abuse in oral fluids. OralStat® combines the convenience of oral fluid collection with the sensitivity, accuracy and precision of a laboratory based test providing results in about 16 minutes.
read more about Rapid Drug Test read more about Oral Drug Test