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FAQ: Rapid Drug Screen

With the increasing cases of drug abuse, the drug testing process seems omnipresent. The federal agencies like National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) are busy regulating the drug screening and testing. On the other hand, there are also non-federal drug testing available that are also trying to encompass the recent kinds of drug types according to the need. The rapid drug screen is a testing method, where the subjects are tested for drugs, through portable devices, to give enough reasonable evidences that they are using drugs.

Benefits of rapid drug screen

This method is very fast and produces results within a few minutes. Moreover, the kits are portable and are available in wide ranges depending on accuracy, type of drug testing required and the cost of the kits. These devices are accurate and have a quick turn around time at affordable prices. Again, these are very convenient due to the kit’s portability. There are integrated rapid drug screen kits that come even with specimen collecting cups, which make it easy to collect the specimen anywhere and conduct the test. However, many times after this first screening, there should be a complete and advanced drug test to exactly trace the drug type and volume which is called a quantitative analysis. This is usually performed by Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectroscopy.

Rapid drug screen at work place

The rapid drug screen at the work place can be done in two ways: pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing. While these testing procedures help to avoid accidents, reduce drug abuse to rehabilitate them and make the work place safe; there may be disadvantageous as they are costly, take more time, effort and may many times invade privacy of employees. However, the use of the rapid drug screen helps employers to do these tests fast and hence save time, effort and cost that they can invest in other activities.

Rapid drug screen at school

With the usage of drugs is spreading to the level of school children, school administrators are employing random drug testing at school. They select random students to appear for drug screening at unspecified times, thus discouraging students to take drugs by not specifying in advance about their random selection. However, this situation demands the use of a rapid drug screen to do a fast screening with convenient and portable drug screen kits.

Rapid drug screen by parents

Even parents, who are very concerned about their children, can adhere to this method by doing a first hand drug screening for their children. Through this portable, convenient and fast methodology, they can detect the use of drugs by their children. Once known about the drug abuse, they can always help to guide and take the help of professional consultant for rehabilitation.

So, in this way, the rapid drug screen helps ensuring a better coverage of drug screening and testing at corporate and school level and at the same time, help concerned parents to test their children. Mainly, the fast result, portability, convenience and affordable price are the reason of popularity for these testing kits.