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FAQ: Rapid Drug Test in a Cup

 The use of rapid drug test in a cup has ensured the use of more and more screening and testing of drugs around our society, leading to prevention against drug abuses and helping illicit drug users to rehabilitate from the habitual use of illegal drugs. The main benefits are the portability, convenience, fast results and at many times more affordable than conventional testing methods. There are many kits available, which help to carry out the rapid drug test methodology A rapid drug test in a cup can be that alternate a reliable technology to test for the presence of drugs by collecting the non invasive urine sample in a cup that is designed to screen for many different drugs of abuse.

 Rapid Drug Test in a Cup

There are many rapid drug test cup methodologies available in the market for doing drug testing for screening purposes. The rapid drug test in a cup is generally a multi-drug screening method that is the most wide used around the globe. With most cup specimen drug testing kits you are provide an id label, temperature sensors, with solid lid cover and tamper evident seal. So, while performing the rapid drug test in a cup you can check for two to around ten or more number of drugs depending on type of kit you purchase. Since, they come in large varieties; it is very easy to select the type of cup according to the need, number of drugs to be tested, type of specimen to be tested and the cost.

Flexibility, convenience and performance of rapid drug test in a cup

The rapid drug screen cup is very flexible and convenient:

-          They can handle multiple number or group of drugs.

-          They are also available to handle different types of fluid specimens.

-          They are available in customized configurations, according to the need and situation of testing or screening to be done.

-          They have multiple cut-offs for the volume of drug traces to be examined.

-          They also have temperature sensors and strips to note the temperature, which is needed either in case of determining adulteration or define the testing conditions to optimize the result.

-          The cups are transparent, thus ensuring the visual integrity check.

-          They come with tamper proof seal, thus preventing any adulteration or manipulation of samples or specimen.

-          They can test even low volumes of specimen with pipette measurements.

-          Results are available quickly within few minutes.

-          Each kind of tests has their own built-in procedure and control. So, it is very easy to handle.

-          The results are also very stable, till around an hour or more.

-          These devices have got superior technology, ensuring good sensitivity, accuracy and performance.

-          Most of them also adhere to the SAMHSA or NIDA specified regulation levels.

Ease of handling and support for rapid drug test in a cup

The rapid drug screen cups are very user-friendly and are easy to handle for the following reasons:

-          They have got built-in test controls for easy handling even by a layman.

-          Integration of sensors and clear displays also helps user to note and control different parameters during the test.

-          Some of the kit marketing agencies also provide web-based training with online certification for the kit handling.

-          CD-ROM and on-site training is also available for these kits to handle rapid drug test in a cup.

-          Most of them provide support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Due to the above flexibility, performance, benefits and ease of handling; the rapid drug test in a cup is a very popular method for drug screening at offices, schools, other institutions including in law enforcement. This saves a great deal of time, money and effort, at the same time helping to monitor drug usage.