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FAQ: Saliva Drug Test


The Saliva drug test or more popularly known as oral drug test is the test of saliva as a specimen, for  the presence of drug of abuse or any of its metabolic by-product traces. These are one of the most preferable and widely used test methods carried out after the urine drug test, due to the convenience in collecting the sample.


Advantages of saliva drug test and area of application

The Saliva drug test has its own characteristics, for which it is being used at different situations and locations. The following are benefits to utilizing the saliva drug test:

-          Improving efficiency and convenience: Generally, at the work place, during pre-employment drug screening; candidates are preferably asked to undergo a saliva drug test. Saliva is the sample of choice because the specimen collection is non-invasive and more accessible when compared to the urine sample collection. Moreover, as it is available with rapid drug screening methods, it takes less time and effort to complete.

-          Laboratory accuracy: The use of saliva as a specimen helps in the methodology of determining accurate results, as compared to other specimens. Due to this accuracy and specificity with results, many law enforcement agencies and insurance agencies use this methodology.

-          Eliminates tampering: Due to the availability of tamper proof devices and the transparent way of collecting samples, many organizations takes the saliva drug test result as more authenticated and valid from when compared to other types of specimens. You don’t have to escort someone to the bathroom stall any longer. Specimen collection is trancparent with the saliva drug test methodology.

-          Easy test administering and collection of samples: Due to ease of usage, the saliva drug test is also administered in schools and in some instances at home. A random testing or periodic testing can be easily administered, due to the ease in specimen collection. This helps in keeping privacy for parents, who do not want to let others know, if their child is a using drugs.

-          Convenient report management: Even for the oral drug test done inside laboratories, the results are available within a day. This is generally true for the test showing negative results for the presence or absence of drugs. There are online reporting systems too, where the reporting method is very easy and comparatively fast.

-          NIDA compliant: The drug groups tested through oral fluids encompass the specified list of drugs, as specified by federal agency National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA). Due to this reason, most of the government agencies and institutes, accept this mode of drug testing.


Due to these reasons, the saliva drug test is becoming very popular and widely accepted. It always benefits us all when you can provide a service like drug testing with ease of use at an affordable cost.