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FAQ: Urine Drug Testing Kits NIDA

Drug testing has been in the mainstream of news and politics for some time. Drug testing is the method of technical analysis, where the specified drug traces or their metabolic traces are examined by analyzing samples such as urine, hair, blood, semen, body fluids as well as oral fluid samples. A presence of these traces is taken as positive for the donor from whom the sample has been collected.

 NIDA drug testing

Drug testing regulation is divided into two groups – one that is regulated and that adheres to the United States federal government and the other that is not regulated federally. The National Institute for Drugs Abuse or NIDA is the federal agency that regulates drug testing, for federally regulated testing. For example, there are urine drug testing kits NIDA-5 available in markets that are federally specified to be NIDA certified. The main difference between the two groups is that the NIDA testing only considers the major five drug testing groups, while the other methodologies do not comply to the same standards as NIDA.


Types of drug testing

The main types of drug testing are listed in accordance to the type of samples, as defined below:

-          Urine drug screen: In this, the sample to be examined is urine. Here, the sample is collected in a cup and tested at the testing location. This method is very convenient and cheap, however the adulteration reported are very high. In the market, there are many urine drug testing kits NIDA-5 which are available for testing conveniently for business, government or at home use.

-          Hair drug testing: Hair is tested in this process, which is very accurate and can justify the presence of drugs used a long time ago (around 90 days). Of course, the kits for these are slightly more costly than urine drug testing kits NIDA compliant.

-          Oral fluid testing: The sample here is saliva. This test is becoming more popular as it is convenient and difficult to adulterate. However, it can only detect a few days back for usage of drugs. Like urine drug testing kits NIDA, this test can be performed on-the-spot with the saliva testing kits.

-          Other body fluid: In this case, other body fluids like semen, blood or sweat are taken as sample.


Urine drug testing kits NIDA-5

As the urine drug screen methodology is one of the most inexpensive processes, most corporations, businesses, drug courts and schools use the urine drug testing kits NIDA-5. These are kits that comply with the NIDA agency and hence, adhere to federal practices. These urine drug testing kits NIDA-5 may come as cheap as around less than $2.00 with single drug tests, while there are multi-drug kit panels available for a combination of drugs as specified by NIDA. Even some kits provide cups to collect and seal the specimen, to be produced during urine drug screening. In many cases these drug testing kits are available in a cassette format also.

Due to the prevalence of the cheap and convenient testing kits like the urine drug testing kits NIDA-5; there has been an improvement with awareness to prevent drug abuse. These kits also help common home members like parents to even keep watch on their children. Moreover, as these kits also adhere to NIDA regulated specifications, they help subjects to adhere to drug usage laws and help employers and other institutions monitor and prevent the use of illicit drugs.